The Lutheran Archives Center has now made it easier for those in our community to support us in our work. Users can now give a gift electronically using the Donate with PayPal button. Gifts in any amount are welcome and we thank you for your support.


Please consider making a generous contribution to the Lutheran Archives Center at Philadelphia. We depend on your financial support to help us provide the best possible care and preservation of our collection. Below are some examples of items on our “wish list” for 2019. Donations of any size are welcome and may be made via check or online (click “Donate with PayPal” and you will be given the option to donate by PayPal or credit card).

  • Foam wedges to support rare books, $161 small size
  • Foam wedges to support rare books, $222 medium size
  • Foam wedges to support rare books, $303 large size
  • Ethafoam shelf liner, $70 per 150’ roll, 2 needed
  • Archival boxes for storing large textiles, $195 for 5-pack, 1 needed
  • Acid-free unbuffered tissue paper, $35 for 25-pack, 5 needed
  • Archival boxes and folders, various sizes/prices, $1,500 total needed
  • Stackable vertical storage bin for framed art, $845 each, 4 needed