History Books

These books pertain to Lutheran and Reformation history, Christian history, ELCA/LCA/ULC/MOP history (including mission work), and a few other odds and ends.

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To order please email intern@lacphila.org with the title of the book(s) you would like. Donations can be sent via PayPal or check; please visit the Donate page for more information.

Luther on Worship (Sold)

Gunter Mission Hospital (Sold)

Missionary and Unity in Lutheranism (Sold)

A History of Lutheran Missions (Sold)

Inner Mission (Sold)

Facing Unity (Sold)

Ministries Examined (Sold)

Expanding Horizon's for America's Lutherans (Sold)

Fliedner the Faithful (Sold)

Crusaders of the Twentieth Century (Sold)

Theodore Emanuel Schmauk (Sold)

Martin Luther (Sold)

The Lutheran Manual (Sold)

As Between Brothers (Sold)

The Place of Lutheranism in American Protestantism (Sold)

The Formation of the Lutheran Church in America (Sold)

The Unity of the Church (Sold)

Living the Liturgy (Sold)

Muhlenberg's Living Stones (Sold)

The Muhlenbergs of Pennsylvania (Sold)

John A. Morehead (Sold)

Out of Thirty-Five Years (Sold)

A Theological Word Book of the Bible (Sold)